April 13, 2016 at

Hi everyone! An other announcement!

I am most likely going to launch a Kickstarter campaign sometime in May/June! :) 

It's main purpose is to print a batch of Chapter 2 books. But you will also be able to get your hands on the Chapter 1 book!

It's going to be a pretty straight forward campaign where you can add original sketches to your books and such. :) But if you have any suggestions to extra materials, I am all ears!

This is what the Chapter 1 book looked like. The Chapter 2 book will be printed in the same format.



April 6, 2016 at

When I was at New York Comic Con last year, I bought this lovely scarf from Cari Corene!

I have been wearing it a lot since then, and got tons of compliments on how lovely it is. I decided to post it on instagram just recently, and she replied and even did this cute little paint over on Gregg with the scarf on, so I thought I'd share it here!

Anyway - make sure to check out her store! Her art is absolutely amazing, blows me away every time she posts something new! And if you are able to, stop by her table at a convention. Such a lovely person to talk to~ I think she posts about what conventions she attends to over at her tumblr or instagram.

Over and out! <3


March 30, 2016 at

Hello everyone! I thought I would make an official announcement that I am currently working full time on The Din for 3 months. :) 

I know it's much to ask for, but during this time I am in need of extra support from you readers. Here's a few ways you can help me out during these months. It will also help me create the comic in the long run!

Patreon - become a monthly supporter of The Din through my Patreon campaign. As little as 1 $ a month will make a difference!

Spread the comic - more readers always help out! If you are active on twitter, tumblr and on facebook, you can help out by spreading my update announcements for example. 

Come back often - by coming back often to this website you will in fact be helping out a great deal! If you want to do something extra, leave a cool comment! :)

Vote for the comic - vote for The Din over at www.topwebcomics.com daily, and you will help me out reaching new readers.

If there is anything specific you'd like me to do during these 3 months, let me know! I currently have Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 as my main focus, but I am also wrapping up a huge image of the characters to put in the Cast section. :)

That's about it! Thanks everyone for reading~

February 18, 2016 at

Got this lovely sketch from my friend Diana the other week! this lovely inked piece too~

If you want more of her lovely art, I recommend following her at twitter and instagram! :)


February 11, 2016 at

Hello everyone! Here's some extra comic stuff this week!

I drew a guest-comic page for Lho Brockhoff's The Lost Oracle a while back! There was a short chapter break and Lho asked for guest content. Since I got such a lovely piece from her I decided to return the favor! :) (+ I love her characters. So I have been looking for a reason to draw them!)

Everyone, go read The Lost Oracle! It's great and it's also available on tapastic!

Here's my guest comic page. Enjoy!


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