Prologue - 02
Posted March 19, 2014 at
Second page of the prologue! Sorry about the blood, but it's necessary! The previous page and this page makes a spread in the printed version. :) Looks great!

This page is completely new for the relaunch of the webcomic and was drawn the summer 2013! Before, this page looked like this:


A webcomic artist whom I really admire wrote an entry about how frustrated he was at comics that started with complete black/blank pages. He wrote that starting a comic like that, would completely lose his interest. Even though I have learned that you shouldn't take all criticism serious, not even from the ones you really admire, this was one of this things I couldn't agree more on. I kept questioning this opinion but eventually realized he was completely right.  I needed a better, more dramatic, opening to my comic. So I saw my chance to do this once I put the webcomic on hiatus. :) Two extra pages to redraw wasn't much! I think the new pages are much more interesting.

This page was originally drawn and posted 2010.
Reformatted, rewritten & completely redrawn 2013.
Colored October 2014.
Flats by Randi.

This is what I originally wrote to this post:

"Here’s an other page like promised. :)  It’s also kind of boring like the other one, but there is a reason for all this blankness.

Page 3 will be up on Saturday already! And it’s not filled with black – promise!"