Posted June 16, 2016 at 1:00 am

Now that I am back to my day job I unfortunately had to go back to 1x update/page a week again. But fear not! I have already started saving money and plan for the next time I can take time off my day job to work full time on The Din! I really want to be able to update twice a week soon again.

It takes me about 14-20 months to save the amount of money I need to pay my bills for 4-6 months. I really hope I can save enough to take time off again in about 14 months!

If you want to help me out saving money to work full time on The Din once in a while, becoming a patron at my patreon site is the perfect way to do so! It also helps me getting closer to make an actual living out of making comics, which is a bit of a goal and personal dream of mine.



What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where fans support their creators by donating/pledging on a monthly basis. Patreon is a great service for webcomic artists, podcasters, writers, youtubers etc. Sometimes you also get something exclusive for donating, such as digital wallpapers or behind the scenes material.

What do I get for becoming a Patron of The Din?

Right now I offer high resolution WIP-stages of every page I create for The Din at the 3$ tier. I post these weekly as the pages go up at the site. At the 10$ tier you will also get high resolution files of Covers, Prints and the PDF's of the Chapters once they are finished. These rewards are uploaded about once a year, but I plan on maybe uploading WIP versions regularly of the PDF's as well.

Of course it's also possible to donate 1$-2$ a month. Every bit helps a lot. :) I currently have no rewards for those tiers, though, except for my eternal gratitude and in the long run being able to update more than once a week!

So what does the WIP-pages you upload on Patreon look like? 

This is what it looks like, but much bigger (about 1000 px in width).
Click on the image for a slightly bigger preview-version!


It's usually posted in 6-7 stages of:

Color Key








Here's a slightly more closeup version of a panel in WIP-format.
Click on the image for a slightly bigger preview-version!

I also upload a descriptive text of the page. Such as: when it was made, if I had anything specific in mind or ran into any issues and how I solved them. :)

The reason I use this tall format is because it's easier to scroll through rather than having it all in a row. I also noticed it looks really good when viewing on a tablet/iPad.

I know some of you expressed you really want to help out but can't afford becoming a patron. But do not fret! :) If you visit the website of The Din at regular basis you do in fact help out a lot!

With a frequent stream of visitors I do get revenue from the ads on my site. Visiting and spreading the word through social media helps more than you think! For that, you have my eternal gratitude~

That's about it! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. :)

Thanks for reading!