Posted May 25, 2016 at 1:00 am

Here's an update regarding the KICKSTARTER I'm currently running for printing the Chapter 2 book of The Din!

We're currently at 85% with 9 days left to back. :) I'm really excited! Thank you everyone who helped me by backing, sharing the Kickstarter and just being generally supportive. You're all the best! 

I'm going to keep promoting this campaign over at my facebook pagemy twitter and my tumblr. If you hang around any of those places, feel free to share my posts and updates to spread the word~

In other news I'd like to talk a bit about Stockholm International Comics Festival 2016 (SIS2016)!

As some of you know I had a table this year too, and it was super nice! Good sales and met a lot of cool people and artists~

I tried something new this year; giving away free copies of the Prologue of The Din to promote the Kickstarter (the orange-colored cover in the picture).  Turns out it was a success, because a lot of people came back to buy the Chapter 1 book after reading the Prologue! And I think some of my Kickstarter backers might be people I met at SIS! Though, I can't remember all of their names... 

When I was at NYCC last year I noticed a lot of artists and publishers had freebies, so it was fun to try it out myself! One thing to keep in mind, if you are curious to try it out yourself: It should be part of your budget/plan/estimated sales. It's an investment to promote your comic, but you don't want to lose too much out of it either.

This is how I planned my freebies-print: How much of your estimated profit are you willing to put on promotion = the maximum amount of money you should spend on freebies! :)

Depending on the budget, you might end up with a small batch of freebies. But then the solution is to only give them away to those who seem geniunely interested. They will appreciate the gesture, tell their friends about your table and come back!

That's about it for now! Thanks for reading and I'll see you on Friday with the next comic update~ Wohoo!