Posted October 20, 2016 at 1:00 am

Hello everyone!

Here are the guest comics schedule for this year. :) 
Please, make sure to visit all of the lovely guest artists!

2016-10-17: Guest Comic: We're Sorry About Lorentz - Page 1 - by Cantcomeupwithaname and Õwoo

2016-10-21: Guest Comic: We're Sorry About Lorentz - Page 2 - by Cantcomeupwithaname and Õwoo

2016-10-24: Fan Art: Eva Vanescape - by Chopythes 

2016-10-28: Guest Comic: Morning Routine by Elm

2016-10-31: Guest Art: Airplane & Crossover by Justin Summers

2016-11-04: Guest Comic: Daydream - Page 1 - by Maggie

2016-11-07: Guest Comic: Daydream - Page 2 - by Maggie

2016-11-11: Fan Art: Gregg Emilio - by Sarah, Brooke, and Lindsay

These lovely people helped me making it possible to take a break between chapters and the Kickstarter by sending in their guest work! I'm really grateful and happy about all of these lovely pieces! Thank you all! :)