Chapter 1 - 22
Posted November 17, 2014 at 1:00 am
Frank... stop being such a party pooper. Haha! Jk...

While the previous page was flatted by Annette - this page was on the other hand flatted by me during my lunch breaks at work. It was fun, but I got easily distracted. A good experiment, but in total, it took me longer to finish the flats since I barely got into flow each time. So, I've spent my lunch breaks doing better things since then. Such as... eating. ;)
(Reading articles, running errands, answering to e-mails, etc. Less time consuming things!)

Where I work a lot of people play games during their lunch breaks. I try to get errands and other things done during lunch so I can focus on the fun stuff when I get home. :) Oh, I also run during my lunch - once a week!

Do you have a job where you are free to do whatever you like during your lunch break? What do you do? I'm the type who get a bit restless when I eat with others. I love my co workers, but I finish my food so fast!

Here's an other question! Anyone going to The CTN animation eXpo this weekend? I was planning to, but decided to wait until next year. I need to save a bit more money so... But I'll be "there" virtually. Booked a virtual ticket so I'll see all the panels, demos and such. :)

Enough with my rants! See you next week!