Chapter 1 - 21
Posted November 10, 2014 at 1:00 am
Yup, it was John inside the window. Who would've known? Why does he keep coming to their home? Why does he like to inspect the Emilio family's curtains? Time... will tell.

This is, work-schedule wise, the first page that was color-flatted by someone else! I currently have hired two flat artists who help out with flats once in a while. :) It's two friends of mine, and they were really nice to take the offer, even though they are busy people, working on various of creative projects themselves.

Good thing with flat artists is that they notice mistakes that I can't see. For example - John was missing half his mustachio in panel 1 and the table's legs didn't make sense at all... It's all fixed now. :)

Flats by Annette.