Prologue - 05
Posted April 4, 2014 at 1:00 am
Page 5 of the Prologue! Since I want to keep the posting of the Prologue interesting, even for those who already read it before it was rewritten, I dug up some other old post worthy stuff!

I have a page I posted on the 1:st of April back in beginning of 2010! :) How about that! It's not from the prologue, but you might like it anyway.

Old April Fools Page

Hope you had a great April Fools Day! :D

This page was originally drawn and posted 2010.
Reformatted, rewritten & cleaned up 2013.
Colored December 2014.

This is what I originally wrote to this post:

"The panic! Those poor people!

Oh, look at that – looks like this week will contain two pages! Next one coming on saturday! :)

Funy fact. I drew myself in this page – twice! If you can point out where I will give you a free sketch! XD"