Chapter 01 - Cover
Posted July 2, 2014 at 1:00 am
Here we go! Finally! The new Chapter 1 of The Din.

For everyone who has the printed copy of Chapter 1 - you need to know that there has been some slight revisions since I printed.

For one, I decided to put spreads on every new character introduction. Since Chapter 1 is the old Chapter1-Chapter2 crammed together character intro-wise, the pacing when every character is introduced felt a bit rushed.

I got great feedback from my friend Hedvig that I could solve it by having spreads and info boxes from the main characters' point of view as soon as a new, important, character is being introduced. I really liked the idea but unfortunately I couldn't manage to draw it on time for the print. But it's all in here now, for the online version! :)

I have one more positive surprise coming up next update!