Prologue - 03
posted March 22, 2014 at
Not much happened to this page in the relaunch process. It was reformatted and I cleaned it up a little bit while doing so. Reformatting means that I have to draw more content for each panel to fit the new printing format, so it's a bit of tedious work!

Fun detail - the car's register number is the initials of a good friend of mine. :) I love it when I find these easter eggs in my old comic pages!

This page was originally drawn and posted 2010.
Reformatted, rewritten & cleaned up 2013.
Colored November 2014.

This is what I originally wrote to this post:

"Page 3! Wow, itís so darn difficult to draw carsÖ I am getting better at it though. :)I want to pimp / review an other awesome comic. I have been linking this comic for some time now but itís worth some extra attention indeed.

Villains Club by Arbol. Itís mainly about Nicholas Heillanne whose main goal in life is to destroy earth. He truly looks down on the human race and what itís done to the planet Ė and wants revenge! Villains Club takes place in an alternative overpopulated world in the future Ė where some of the planetís resources are artificial and the humans have to live under the ocean.The comic is very Ė and I mean VERY Ė well drawn. Every page is in color and has tons of essential details in them. You donít get confused by the details, you get lead by them in a really artistic/stylish way so to speak.† Something that truly fascinates me. Arbol also has her own style of art: lineart and colors, everything look increddibly fresh and crispy. :) She is recently doing her lineart with pencils and it looks great!I love stories with alternative futures Ė esp. the kind where the humanís selfishness is questioned. Which I think is the best part of this comic. Even if Nicholas goal is really dreadful, you somehow sympathize with him!"
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