Chapter 3 - 54
Posted August 6, 2018 at 4:02 pm
Here's finally an update!

How has your summer been? Mine's been pretty great! Haven't been home much, thoo!

I've been to London, seen the Hamilton Musical, been to Dalecarlia and France - - and next week my brother's family comes over to visit for a week. Looking forward to that too! I miss my lil nephews a lot!

What else? I've switched jobs! And office - twice!

It's been a very eventful spring and summer for me. It took some time for me to get myself together and make up my mind, but after 5 years I decided to leave my colleagues and good friends at the studio I used to work for (Hello There Games) to join the team at Image & Form Games (also good friends of mine). I've helped them out with animation-work before on Steamworld Dig 2, so it's nice to be on board on their next project.

Anyway, I will hopefully be up to speed with comic work in a few weeks so I can wrap up this chapter before a real break. Thanks for your patience, everyone. <3

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Needless to say, it's been difficult for me to work on the comic lately. The reason is a combination of things, but mainly about the need to prioritize health, life, family and friends after work hours. Thanks everyone who showed concern! I am planning an other break from the comic soon, but I really want to wrap up this chapter first! I have all of it outlined, I *just* need to draw - basically. It's another 15+ pages left, and I might miss an update again - but I strive to keep the pages coming before I take a longer break! I'll let you know otherwise! Thanks for understanding. :)