Sorry for the belated showcase image! I figured the current daily comic
posts would make up for it! :D

This is me at work. I like to sit on my feet. When I need to release stress or
solve riddles I look out of the window at the boats passing by our office,
then when I need to regain focus, I look at my "FOCUS!"-post-it-note
and then I look at the "Lose Focus!"-version of my post-it that our
concept artist made...
... and the circle is complete.

That's how I am developing games 8-12 hours a day!

Lorentz in his car.

I thought I had time to draw something awesome for this showcase
round, but realized it's about 5 hours left before I need to wake up
and go to the gym before work. XD
Wow,  I drew this back in 2006 I think?
What's underneath Edmund's hair is a mystery.
Something that truly freaks Denilou out. XD


These characters are from Jeff McClelland's comic Teddy and the Yeti!
I have been working as a colorist for Jeff for some time now, and I have
really grown fond of these characters!

Here's a tribute doodle to Teddy and the Yeti from me! :)

I drew this the other day as a tribute to "the week of the Pig"! A jam-thing going on
in the comic artist community in Sweden, I guess. :) Here's Marco from
Porco Rosso. It's my favourite movie from Ghibli.

I have been watching and reading a lot of Moomin / Mumin lately.
It sure has brought some childhood memories. <3

Here's a litle tribute. A doodle of Moomin & Snufkin / Mumin & Snusmumriken!
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