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This is the second and final page of this terrific guest comic by our dear Õwoo and Cantcomeupwithaname in the comments section!

I really like how everything quickly goes from one emotion to another in this guest comic. From peaceful, to dramatic and then to the doomsday feel! Very powerful panelling and layout, I must say. I think my favorite part of this page is the last two panels, very epic!

Unfortunatelly, Owoo and Cantcomeupwithaname don't have a website, but make sure to give them lots of love over at the commen section! They're awesome and have been super supportive of the making of The Din for so long!


Here's the schedule for the guest comics, if you are curious! See you on Monday! 

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The Din is is currently on a short break from normal updates and will be full of awesome guest content the next few weeks.

There will be two guest content updates a week during this time, and I will also update with some of my own content over at the blog.

Chapter 3 will start on the 14th of November!

October 20, 2016 at

Hello everyone!

Here are the guest comics schedule for this year. :) 
Please, make sure to visit all of the lovely guest artists!

2016-10-17: Guest Comic: We're Sorry About Lorentz - Page 1 - by Cantcomeupwithaname and Õwoo

2016-10-21: Guest Comic: We're Sorry About Lorentz - Page 2 - by Cantcomeupwithaname and Õwoo

2016-10-24: Fan Art: Eva Vanescape - by Chopythes 

2016-10-28: Guest Comic: Morning Routine by Elm

2016-10-31: Guest Art: Airplane & Crossover by Justin Summers

2016-11-04: Guest Comic: Daydream - Page 1 - by Maggie

2016-11-07: Guest Comic: Daydream - Page 2 - by Maggie

2016-11-11: Fan Art: Gregg Emilio - by Sarah, Brooke, and Lindsay

These lovely people helped me making it possible to take a break between chapters and the Kickstarter by sending in their guest work! I'm really grateful and happy about all of these lovely pieces! Thank you all! :)


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