posted February 1, 2016 at

Frank used to have friends who stood up for him, huh? Wow! And Gregg is being a bit rude...  Let's see how this pans out!

This page had to go through a bit of retouching. The red/pink/purple panels were initially inked in 2012, so I had to edit Gregg's face a bit to match the new panels. And Frank had to overgo a lot of retouches in his face - I used to draw facial hair less stylized back then. Here's an example from one of the panels! 

See you next week! Don't forget to vote~ :)

January 1, 2016 at

Happy New Year everyone! :) Just wanted to post my official holiday image that I sent out as post cards to friends, family and colleagues!

I also want to remind you that I posted an extra page on new year's eve! Check it out! <3

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