September 28, 2015

 Gregg is too self-absorbed about his ideas for his own good. *shakes head* At least he's got a nice hat to talk to if he ends up alone one day, haha!

Ok, so next week's update AND the week after that is going to be scheduled updates since I will be away by that time. :) Crossing my fingers the updates will post automatically as planned! I am almost finished with the next page, but I can't guarantee that I will finish it, because I have a lot of other work to finish before going. Doing my best, though!

So... either the next update will be Page 9 OR the first round of guest comics! I am really excited about the guest comics! I hope you are too. :)

Which reminds me...! If you still want to send yours in, it's only two days left! Read more about it here. Let me know if you are almost finished and might be late, because I am totally ok with that, no worries~

So, where am I going you might ask? Me and my bf are going to New York! And we are going to New York Comic Con! If you want to meet up, let me know. It's our first time going to a huge convention, so... we're pretty excited. I'm going to do my best spotting other webcomic artists I know online! If you want to find me, look out for a short Swede with a blueish green faux hawk!

What else? Oh, yeah ! Don't forget to vote! The Din is ranked 230 this month, which is pretty good! Thanks everyone for voting. :)


September 4, 2015

Hello everyone! If you are a fellow artist, read this!

I am currently looking for Guest Comics for The Din! :)

I'm going away to NY for two weeks in October and need to secure epic content in case I won't manage to build a 3+ colored page buffer until then. I currently have 1 buffered page, but unfortunately I am booked most of the weekends until I am going away in October. As we all know: free weekends = perfect time to work on comic page buffer. Sooo... this is an exellent time for me to look for Guest Comics! :)

So how does it work? You create one or more Guest Comic pages for The Din, and I will post them here on the main page sporadically, starting sometime in October. Each page will be up for a week! 

Here's some main points to keep track of:

  • Deadline is 30:th of September!
  • Content needs to be related to The Din's story or/and characters in some way!
  • Any format is allowed! But FYI I work in 4124 x 5953, sized down to 800 x 1155
  • Any art style is welcome!
  • You are welcome to include your own characters!
  • After the pages have been posted, they will be archived in the Extras section!
  • A link to your webcomic/website will be on the main page along with your Guest Comic!
  • Send the Guest Comic page, desired link URL and eventual link image to

I wish I could pay you for making a Guest Comic, but right now a link back to your site is what I am able to offer.

If you want to check out some good examples of how Guest Comics could look like, make sure to check out Martin Kirby's webcomic Freelancer! He had a chapter break a few months ago and had a lovely set of Guest Comics. Start reading them here, and while you are at it - read the whole comic! It's great!

Depending on the number of Guest Comics I get, I will spread the posting out a bit. I don't want to put the main story on hold too much! That's why I'll post them sporadically. Probably maximum 2-3 pages a month.

Just a headsup: If your Guest Comic involves content that I don't feel comfortable posting on the main site, I might post it separately with a thumbnail on the main page. It's pretty much the same way I handle some of the more explicit content in the comic. :)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)


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