August 24, 2015

Gregg, what are you up to now?

You might have noticed I'm experimenting a bit with the coloring style in Chapter 2. It's been something I have wanted to do for some time, but decided to wait until the chapter change for a natural transition.

I'm a big fan of comics that have a rough/traditional coloring style. Some of my favorite webcomics with a traditional touch to them are Sithrah by Jason Brubaker, Stand Still. Stay Silent by Minna Sundberg and RAEDUS by Yossra El Said. Make sure to check them out! I'm really inspired by their beautiful work!

When I started working as a comic colorist back in 2007, I worked towards a smooth, airbrushy style since it suited super hero and action comics better; which was the kind of comics I colored for hire back then.

But in my personal drawings, I usually lean towards a paint-like cel style (such as this & this old piece). So... when I finally started to color The Din, I was a bit rusty. The style became some sort of hybrid of my usual style and the style that I use when I color for hire. Chapter 1 still looks close to what I want to achieve, but I think I can go even more towards a paint-like cel style!

Now you know why I am experimenting! I don't think it's going to look a whole lot different from the Chapter 1 pages, but it will def. look a bit more rough and traditional. Still getting the hang of it!

Enough with the rant about colors! I mentioned this last week, but I'd like to mention it again: I want to warn beforehand that the update on the 31:st of August might be a day late, or two. I'm currently away and didn't manage to color the amount of pages I had to color before going away. But almost! Hopefully the page will be up normal time, but I think it's only fair to warn beforehand. :)

Other than that, I hope you like the new website! I got some help from the awesome people at Hiveworks~


July 29, 2015

I want to show you some fan art I have gotten recently!

The first one is drawn by Diana, also my table neigbor at SIS2015. I've known Diana for so long! I think maybe since 2002? She is one of the sweetest persons I know and she is a great artist too! Her recent traditional work just blows me away. Imagine my reaction when she sent me this lovely piece of art of Tova and Lorentz! homepage, tumblr and her instagram.

The second one is drawn by Lho, a comic artist I got to know through twitter�a few months ago! I just love meeting new art friends on social media -�and Lho was a typical case of that! She drew me this lovely piece of Lorentz�recently�and it totally made my day! She has been working on her soon-to-be launched webcomic for some time now; The Lost Oracle. I can't wait until it launches, �you should check it out too. Only a few days left!

Tova and Lorentz by Diana.

Lorentz by Lho.


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