September 1, 2015

Aside from just getting out of bed, I wonder what made Frank so stressed out that he can't smell the scent of a recently unlit candle... ! *gasp* 

So, yeaah, as previously mentioned and predicted; this page got posted a few hours late. I'm so sorry about that! However, I had a great time away on the mini-vacation. But now I am eager to start building up my color buffer again. :) Next page is far from this detailed, so it's just a few hours from being colored. Next update should be up in a timely manner! 

See you next week and don't forget to vote if you got a minute to spare! It truly means a lot! <3

July 29, 2015

I want to show you some fan art I have gotten recently!

The first one is drawn by Diana, also my table neigbor at SIS2015. I've known Diana for so long! I think maybe since 2002? She is one of the sweetest persons I know and she is a great artist too! Her recent traditional work just blows me away. Imagine my reaction when she sent me this lovely piece of art of Tova and Lorentz! homepage, tumblr and her instagram.

The second one is drawn by Lho, a comic artist I got to know through twitter�a few months ago! I just love meeting new art friends on social media -�and Lho was a typical case of that! She drew me this lovely piece of Lorentz�recently�and it totally made my day! She has been working on her soon-to-be launched webcomic for some time now; The Lost Oracle. I can't wait until it launches, �you should check it out too. Only a few days left!

Tova and Lorentz by Diana.

Lorentz by Lho.


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