posted January 16, 2017 at

And here they are, all gathered and... happy! The boss seems to be in a good mood too!

Thanks everyone for the awesome comments lately! Aah, I will try to reply to them all soon. I started working at a new work-place this week, so I have been a bit drained in the evenings. The game studio I work for (HT) lent me to an other game studio for a few months, so it's a complete change of environment and people. Pretty exciting, and I already learnt so much new stuff!

Today's vote incentive is an old drawing of Denilou - from before The Din even was a comic!

See you next Monday, my friends! <3

January 12, 2017 at

Thought I'd share something personal here! For November, I took part of a challenge called the Art Soundoff Challenge! It's a challenge where you record a 5-10 minute long audio log every day, about your creative process. Sometimes on specific topics and sometimes just about your day. :) I took part of this challenge to get a bit more confident in talking about what I do, and also to practise my English.

So if you are interested in hearing me talk about making The Din and other kinds of art, it's been uploaded on youtube!

I uploaded the first 7 parts a few weeks ago - here are the next 7 parts! The second week was a lot about creating the actual comic and a bit of worldbuilding. Enjoy!

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